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Before search engine optimization became a booming business, PageRank was the preferred method of determining how important a specific link was. You may recognize this as the little green status bar you see in your web browser when you download the Google Toolbar.

Google Toolbar with PageRank

Now that Google has become such a target for online marketers, Google’s coveted PageRank has now starting to lose it’s value. Google’s entire search foundation still operates on the principles of links and continues to have a heavy influence in search engine rankings. Website that have more links are therefore more popular. Since amassing a large amount of links is very difficult to do, website that have many of them are often favored by Google simply because the founders of the site would have to make a major investment in ensuring their content is up to par.

Top Tips for Linking Strategies

Links that are relevant

Links to your site should be related to your product or service. You certainly wouldn’t advertise baby shampoo at a tattoo parlor, so why would you do the same thing online? Directories such as Yahoo! and DMOZ are a great place to find relevant links. In addition, try looking for links on industry related websites.

Attract links from websites that can drive traffic

Getting links to your website also includes generating traffic. A real world example of a bad link would be like putting a billboard in a remote location. No one will ever see the billboard. Consider the link the same as that billboard, you want it to be placed where people will see it. A great place to find sites that drive traffic is to search on Google for your specific industry and try and find websites that appear in the top ten results.

Attract the traffic you want

Attracting traffic is easy, however attracting the right traffic is very difficult. If you sell a product, chances are you want to attract only customers who are possible candidates for using your product. However if your links are too broad, you may not be able to selectively pick out your customer from the rest of visitors. Make sure that your links are targeted and well placed on websites that your target customer is likely to visit.

Professional Link Building

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