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Google BlacklistGetting blacklisted by Google can often be a game breaker for many small to medium businesses that rely on Google to provide a steady stream of terrific customers. If a website is removed from Google or even worse, blacklisted, the effects on business can be dire.

What is the Google Blacklist?

The Google Blacklist is a collection of cryptographic hashes that represent the URL’s or websites that are deemed to be phishing or contain some form of malware. The purpose of this list is to warn users in the event that they visit a website that is in a “bad community” and not safe for novice users. The end result is to protect browsers on the web by integrating this blacklist directly into Firefox, Google Desktop and other web browsers. It’s a great step forward to help protect web users.

How do I know if i am on the blacklist?

The easiest way to check the status of your website is to query it HERE

How can I stay off this list?

Obviously the first step is to ensure that the website is not hosting malware software on your website. Although there is no authoritative list on malware, programs like Ad-Aware have a great list of known malware. The other tip is to ensure that the website does not appear to mimic an authoritative website like a bank or financial institution. Even if these guidelines are followed and end up on the list anyways, Google may have blocked the website by accident.

Need help getting off the Google Blacklist?

Onepax has helped many people get un-banned from Google and back into good standing by using a methodical and repeatable approach. If you website has been blacklisted by Google, let us put our expertise to work to help get your company back into good standing with Google.

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