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Symix is a complex product that requires extensive planning for an upgrade or migration and requires great expertise and knowledge. This level of knowledge is needed to fully understand the impact of changes that a Symix migration or upgrade makes. Similarly to a high performance sports car such as Lamborghini, customers take their high performance sports cars to the professional engineers who have specialized skills.

Broad Symix Experience

Our main Symix engineer, Tony Trus, has worked with many Symix installations. His execution of upgrades and migration are often described as meticulous, detail oriented and methodical. He has worked wide a large range of Symix versions such as:

  • Symix 3
  • Symix 4
  • Symix 4.1
  • Symix 4.1r1
  • Symix 4.1r2
  • Symix 4.1r2.01
  • Symix 4.1r2.02

Customer Testimonial

“With Tony s and your help …  it went amazingly well…in fact…I want to let you know how much I admire the level of service that was given to us. Tony was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, helpful…”

Symix Upgrade and Migration Assessment

We have provided migration and upgrade services for businesses who rely on Symix for several years with a perfect track history. If your company’s Symix installation requires upgrade an upgrade or a planned migration, don’t settle for second best engineers to perform these mission critical tasks. We have the expertise and skills necessary to ensure your company runs smoothly. Contact us today for a risk-free assessment.

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