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When trying to find information on the internet, over 56% percent of users reported that they use search engines on a daily basis. ( However, if your website appears after the first page of search results, you chances of being found are reduced. By regularly monitoring your search engine placement, you can keep track of your placement and help keep your team proactively making changes.

Creating a Strategy

Before you can begin effectively monitoring your placement in search engines, you must have a strategy in place to monitor and continuously improve your listings.

Onepax Monitoring Method

  1. Examine current keyword placement.
  2. Optimize keywords within your website.
  3. Repeat from step 1.

The entire process is that easy! However it is long and tedious work. No one likes to manually monitor their search engine rankings or make painstaking changes to their website. However this is the only way to truly make effective changes in online marketing. Ensuring that you continue the cycle of making changes ensures that your ranking will last for years to come. This process is especially effective because it helps you monitor your site so you can proactively make changes before the website begins to slip due to negligence.

Sample Report

The following is an example report of what our monthly marketing report looks like for keyword rankings. It provides an excellent way to log and report on search engine positions.

Example keyword rankings

Professional Monitoring

Don’t’ have the time or experience to monitor your website every month? Let Onepax search engine professionals monitor your website for you and generate consistent and professional advice. Contact Onepax today for a free consultation.

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