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The practice of keyword stuffing often leads to webpages that are bloated, illegible and often useless to real visitors. But why do people do it anyways?

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is the practice of repeating a keyword over and over again in webpage content and meta tags. For example, if I wanted to rank well on Google for “Rubber Ducks” I would put Rubber Ducks as many times as possible on my web pages. That way, Google will see the page as important for that keyword.

It drives traffic… For a while

Stuffing delivers traffic to the website for a short period of time, but it comes at a steep cost. After the initial boost that is accompanied with keyword stuffing, there is a quick drop to follows. Google often gives users the benefit of the doubt by letting them stuff keywords onto the page and rewarding them to a certain extent. However, once the keyword has been stuffed too many times, Google begins to see the page as spam due to the excessive use of the keyword. The page then quickly looses its value and is drops from the search results.

Give your visitors what they want

Keyword stuffing, keyword stuffing, keyword stuffing, keyword stuffing, keyword stuffing, keyword stuffing…

That wasn’t so great to read, was it? Your visitors are going to stuffing as it shows that your website has little real content to provide. If your website cannot provide value to your visitors by creating good honest content, your website stands to little reason to attract links from other websites.

Reference Guidelines

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Yahoo! Webmaster Guidelines

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