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Educating customers on your business or organization is a task that will never end. Your company’s future success depends on your ability to market and capture new leads. Over the last few years, the cost of reaching your target customer has declined dramatically through the use of websites. Not only can you reach your customers on a personal basis, but you can provide a degree of interactivity that will keep them coming time and time again.

Milestone Payment

We have heard the story many times before. A design company promises to develop a website for a fixed fee to be paid upfront for their services. The company then produces a website with mediocre results and poor design. To their dismay, the fly-by-night web design company then leaves with little or no possibility of getting their investment back.

Onepax understands your skepticism that is involved in website design services. That is why we employ an exclusive method of payment for web design projects. Our philosophy is simple; our designers should be held accountable for their work. You should not have to pay until you are happy, period. We are able to achieve this by requesting payment upon achievement of milestones within the design project.

Profit, not Loss

At Onepax, our extensive experience in designing websites as marketing tools allows for your business to profit from a website. Our extensive research into business viability, search engine technologies and user interaction studies provide us with unparalleled vision into how websites can turn visitors into paying customers.

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