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Company data such as customers, financial records and other sensitive information is critical to the operation of a business. Ensuring that your information is protected and running as efficiently as possible is a difficult task for most IT departments. Onepax has experienced engineers that are required to ensure that the mission-critical information stored in databases is readily available regardless of any situation.

Database Services

  • Database backup strategy design
    • Disaster recovery planning
    • Accidental data-loss recovery
  • Database Maintenance and Performance Analysis
    • Query Performance Optimization
    • Database Schema Performance Optimization
    • Database De-Fragmenting
    • Growing, Shrinking or Purging Databases
    • Moving Databases
  • Database Migrations
    • Migrate databases to a new server
    • Migrate any database to or from any of these popular databases
      • MySQL
      • Microsoft SQL Server
      • Oracle
      • DB/2
      • Progress
  • Migrate Critical Business Information
    • Although we can migrate business information to or from
      almost any application, we specialize in migrating the following
      • Symix
      • Made2Manage
      • Small Business Manager
      • QuickBooks

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