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Many businesses don’t consider what happens to their sensitive data once a machine is decommissioned. Many times these computers go straight into the trash, typically in violation of environmental laws. Most computers contain some form of sensitive information which is left on the computer when it is disposed, leaving businesses open to leaking sensitive information. Onepax offers services to refurbish, recycle and donate their old equipment safely.

Refurbishing and Donating

Onepax engineers have extensive experience in refurbishing computer equipment for re-deployment within a company or donation. We use Department of Defence approved methods of wiping hard drives of sensitive information as well as stress test the hardware to ensure stable operation.


Onepax can safely recycle outdated technology investments and safely remove sensitive information using Department of Defence approved methods of wiping hard drives so that no data can be recovered. We can handle the recycling process from on-site removal of equipment to to delivering the equipment to recycling facilities.

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Onepax can help refurbish and recycle old IT investments to keep your business competitive and up to date. Call today for a free assessment.

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