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IRS WebsiteIn a recent post on ComputerWorld, the IRS finished redesigning their website in what is a triumph over the traditional grind for government. Forms are often buried deep inside sections that are difficult to find or even inaccessible. All that has changed with the introduction of the new IRS website. By conducting usability studies, the web designers were able to create an incredibly useful website that allow users to be able to find what they were looking for quickly. One example includes the addition of a section entitled “Most Requested Forms and Publications” that allows visitors to quickly find IRS tax forms. It’s a great start and other branches of government can learn a lot from them.

Where can I learn more about designing usability?

The art of usability is a difficult art to master because of the complicated methods used to measure and design usability. A great resource to get started is a website by Jacob Nielsen, a foremost expert in the field of usability design. His website,, provides extensive information about the field of usability and how it can enhance user’s experiences.

Jacob Nielsen - Designing UsabilityA great book to read and learn more about designing usability into websites is called Designing Usability by Jacob Nielsen. It’s a fantastic book that walks a user through all of the considerations that a web designer must take into consideration when designing a website.

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