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Notepad Headache with Word Wrap

It has been a few months since Microsoft sent an update to Windows 11 users that contained a new version of notepad. The new version added features like tabbed documents and setting color schemes however myself and others also noticed that the word wrap feature defaults to “on” every time the application is open, and […]

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FIXED: L2TP issues with Microsoft Patch KB5009543 and KB5009566

Like so many folks out there I work remotely and rely on VPN to get me connected to customers. Since everyone has a different VPN server my laptop is unfortunately loaded with eight different software applications and has historically been a crapshoot with installing or upgrading. The punishment for installing an overly-invasive client might be […]

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About Onepax

About Onepax

Onepax is a consulting firm that handles a wide spectrum of business technology problems under one name.

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