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Nuances of Running SyteLine on SQL Server Evaluation

These days I don’t do quite as many installs as in year past however do run into the scenario frequently where the client wants to get the shiny new software up and running on the newest iteration of the software but they are reluctant to drop a small fortune on Microsoft SQL Server licensing until they […]

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PCL Control Codes for SyteLine 6 and Older

These days it is somewhat of a rarity working with a client who runs the Progress 4GL (AKA OpenEdge) version of the product. The majority of people seem to use the SQL based version of SyteLine because that is where all of the new features are added plus Microsoft SQL as a database engine is blazingly […]

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About Onepax

About Onepax

Onepax is a consulting firm that handles a wide spectrum of business technology problems under one name.

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